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Engag-eM Appointment Reminder System Is a Revolutionary Tool for All Professionals who Rely on Appointments

Experience our quick efficient implementation process!

Engag-eM enables you to quickly schedule an appointment in the calendar and with one click select a reminder template that you created to meet your business needs. You can easely create reminder templates, message templates, new contacts as well as maintain multiple appointment calendars for each professional in the office. The 2 Way Communication platform enables you to quickly see and log all communications with your clients. Each workstation can also be setup with up to 5 email addresses for notification when a contact responds to a message. The email notification will contain the following information:MOBILE NUMBER | WIRELESS CARRIER | MESSAGE | DATE & TIME RECEIVED. Engag'Em Appointment Reminder System can be set up for multiple workstations allowing each stations to have different restrictions set up depending on who is using it.

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Who Uses Mobi-ARS

  • Dentist, Doctors,Therapists & Other Healthcare Professionals

  • Spas and Hair Salons

  • Personal Trainers and Gyms

  • Car Dealerships, Service Departments and Car Maintenance Garages

  • Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Accountants,Banks and Other Professionals

  • Hotels and Concierges

  • Reservation Services & Customer Service Centres

  • Plumbers, Electricians and Other Services

  • SEND patient appointment reminders
  • COMMUNICATE directly with mobile phones from your computer
  • CREATE your own message templates and use them over and over
  • IMPORT your existing database of clients directly into our platform
  • RECEIVE appointment confirmations and reschedule requests
  • MAINTAIN a complete messaging log of all conversations
  • PROVIDE your patients & staff a convenience that they will appreciate
  • SECURE web-based application directly on your desktop