ENGAG-EM ARS Platform Tour

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  • Send One Time Message Send One Time Message Send or schedule a one time message, select a template or type a message in a text area to the right as it will appear on the client's mobile device. One time messages can be sent immediately or at a later time.
  • Reminder Templates Reminder Templates Create multiple reminder templates allowing scheduling of reminders to be easily sent from a drop down menu while add an appointment.
  • Message Templates Message Templates Create multiple one time templates or calendar templates for communications other than appointment reminders.
  • Inbox View Inbox View Organize and manage messages by creating folders. With features such as automatic refresh and search capabilities view and respond to incoming messages as they are received.
  • Email Notification Email Notification With email notification add up to 5 email addresses that will be instantly notified everytime a message is received. The email notification will contain: mobile number, wireless carrier, message, date and time received.
  • Calendar Calendar Engag'Em has a built in appointment calendar and scheduling module. View scheduled appointments and reminders at a glance and or add appointments, reminders or other events directly from the calendar.
  • Calendar Detailed View Calendar Detailed View View, add or edit appointments and reminders scheduled for a specific date.
  • Calendar Add Appointment Calendar Add Appointment Add appointments and reminders easily and intuitively through a series of point and click drop down menus.
  • Add A Contact Add A Contact Easily add contacts in a matter of seconds to the database.
  • Search Contacts Search Contacts Easily search contacts in the database by entering letters or numbers in the search box. Engag'Em then displays results enabling the user to view message history, send messages or manually opt in contacts to any campaign.

Easy To Use
On Your Desktop

Engag-eM is an easy to use secure web based application through a link on your desktop.
It's an intuitive point click and enter interface that anyone can learn to use in minutes and has a video tutorial available at all times. You can create multiple message and reminder templates and use them at any time.

Database & Communication Management

Engag-eM allows you to build a Databse, gather more client Data and export it to your CRM or it can be used as a basic CRM.
You can also maintain and manage a log of all SMS communications with your Clients with the through the Inbox as well as create folders to organise it all. You can also carry multiple 1 on 1 conversation at the same time and allows you to communicate directly with a mobile device from your desktop.

Reach Your Clients
Wherever They Are Instantly

SMS or Text messages are delivered directly on a mobile device. Your clients carry their cellular and smartphones with them at all times wherever they are and receive their messages instantly. With 95% of SMS messages being read within 5 minutes of sending them you can rest assured that your clients will receive, read and acknowledge your message.

Maximize Your Time

Engag-eM will alow your clients to confirm, reschedule or cancel any appointment within minutes. You can now engage other clients waiting for an urgent appointment and fill up what would have normally turned out to be an empty time slot in your schedule. You can now optimise your schedule plan and maximize your availability to see clients while reducing no shows and empty time slots.