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About US

Our name in itself is a pure reflection of our mission. Let’s look at it in detail and analyse it’s components while associating with our business models.


Element number 1, and probably the most important element comprised in our name which defines the true nature of our company : ENGAG- EM.

In order to successfully create brand loyalty and acquire a Client, to an extend where you can be confident, that the said Client will always think of you when he needs a product or service similar to what you can offer repeatedly time and time again, you need to create a relationship with your Client. You need to create a memorable positive experience that will make you stand out from your competition. You need to show your Client that you care about him/her, that he/she is UNIQUE, that his/hers interests, feelings and opinions matter, in other words, you need to show him/her that you appreciate his/her business, personalize his/her experience and make him/her feel special.
In this fast paced world we live in, this can be very hard. In order to achieve this you need to REACH OUT to your client. When you reach out to your client you need him/her to reach back to you in order to yield results from your efforts.

By reaching out and achieving your goal to have your Client reach back, you have to ENGAGE your Client.

Our SMS web portal gives you all the tools needed to ensure that you are able to ENGAGE your clientele in a personalized memorable way, directly and instantly, wherever they are. Whether in the form of a promotion, special event, survey, contest, newsalert or simply by wishing a happy birthday, our platform offers you endless possibilities.

Element number 2, ENGAG-EM. In this part we separated and hyphenated the last part to create a play on words which phonetically will make it seems as two separate words.

EM is to be pronounced as a condensed pronunciation of the word THEM. Instead of writing Engage Them we condensed it to Engag-EM or Engag’em. Which completes the word Engage and includes the word Them.

The E is a symbol of the interaction in between you and the Clients.

E for expression, you express your interest, gratitude and branding to your Clients.

E for experience, your Clients share a new and innovative experience each time you reach out to them.

As well the Capitalized letter M will stand for Mobile.

EM (Them) being your Clients. M, being their mobile device, which is now an integral part of their life, as well as the best and fastest way to reach them.

Your Expressions will be Experienced through their Mobile device.

We want to thank you for taking the time to read and understand what Engag-EM is all about.
We hope to see you on board soon,

The Engag-EM team.