Return On Investment
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Increased Office Staff Productivity & Efficiency

Your office staff no longer needs to spend hours everyday on the phone, leaving countless voicemails that, more often than none, won't reach your clients in time for them to notify you should they need to cancel their appointments or reschedule. Engag-eM also enables a direct instant 2 way communication directly from the desktop to the clients mobile device, which they carry with them at all times. This facilitates rescheduling of appointments while keeping a log of all communication without the need for your staff to get on the phone, while automatically setting new reminders to be sent at a later date, effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

Increase Revenues

Thanks to Engag-eM, your No-Show rate will now decrease by an average of 30% depending on your industry. Your clients will receive their appointment reminders directly on their mobile device via SMS Messaging commonly known as a Text Message. Because 95% of all text messages are read and answered within the first 15 minutes, you will instantly be notified of any cancellations or reschedule needs. This will give you and your staff the opportunity to fill the newly vacant appointment slots immediately. Your clients will appreciate the effiency in which you got to take them off the waiting list and booked them right away into your schedule. With one simple tool you get notified right away, as to which contact will not attend the scheduled appointment and are immediately abled to rebook that vacant slot, resulting in increased revenues while gradually eliminating your waiting list and effeciently reallocating staff ressources.

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Most Efficient & Cheapest Way To Reach Your Clients When It Counts

Engag-eM is the fastest most efficient and cheapest method to reach your clients when it counts. People leave their house with their smart phones before their wallet and keys. Communicate with them on a device they enjoy using and they will respond. Cheaper than making phone calls, cheaper than sending mail, for only a few pennies you can now, remind them of upcoming appointments, thank them for their business, send them a happy anniversary message, a happy holiday message or any other message you wish to communicate to them. Our team can show you from our experience how to fully utilize Engag-eM communication power and bring your clients experience to another level, setting you apart from your competition.

OPTIN & HIPPA Compliant

All your clients with whom you will communicate through Engag-eM will have given you permission to send them text messages. This means that the database you are building through Engag-eM is fully opted in and none of your communications will be considered as spam. With every message sent your client will have an easy option to optout by replying STOP to the message. Engag-eM will automatically notify you so they can be removed from future messaging effortlessly. Since you are not sending any personal medical information through Engag-eM it fully meets all HIPPA compliancy rules and is safe to use by all mediacal professionals.